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2008- 2010



Each aproximately 30x15x15 cm  


Grandfather Paradox, ON-OFF Artprojects, Hamburg, 2010

Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2010

Curator: Avi Lubin


Concrete, Bulimia, Benyamini Center, Tel Aviv, 2014

Curator: Tali Tamir


Substance & Stain, Kupferman's House, Kibbutz Lohamei Ha'ghetaot

Curator: Irit Carmon Popper


Review at Haaretz, Culture & Literature supplement, Uzi Tsur (Hebrew), 23.7.2010



From the curator's text (Grandfather Paradox):


In the center of Tomer Sapir's work Scleroderma (2008-2010) stands the image of a sand castle. Scleroderma is a disease whose symptoms can be indurations and contraction, a kind of petrifaction of the biological tissue. The disease can be local, or it can slowly expand throughout the body. The building process of familiar sand castles is intuitive and playful and the outcome always exists under the threat of destruction and devastation. When concrete is used for building castles, the process is decelerated and is made in multiple stages. Each stage comprises values of randomness and fortuity, but the whole succession of the common building process is severed. The concrete petrifies the iconic sand castle, pretends to freeze the time from moving and fails when it creates an almost taxidermic simile.


Avi Lubin



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