Research for the Full Crypto-Taxidermical Index

Ongoing project



Shelf Life, 2010
Haifa Museum of Art
The End of History, 2011
Künstlerhaus Speckstraße and Kutscherhäuser, Hamburg
Collecting Dust, 2013
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Hidden Passengers, 2014
Apexart, NYC
Small Works
Terra Incognita, 2012
Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
Overturned Cryptid, 2008
Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
Dark Times, 2014
The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University
Between Synapses: Where Art An, 2016
Jerusalem Artists House
The Agricultural Exhibition, 2015
Petach Tikva Museum of Art
Adam/a, 2015
Jezreel Valley Museum, Kibbutz Yifat
Ministry of Information, 2016
Beit-Hankin Museum, Joshua Village
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