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Solo exhibition at Gabirol Gallery, Tel Aviv


Photos: Elad Sarig


From the exhibition's text:


Hanoteret is a site-specific sculptural installation that takes place in two adjacent spaces at Gabirol Gallery. “Notar” (“the flesh that remains”) is the sacrifice that was not fully eaten or sacrificed at the altar on the day of the ritual. The Notar has to be burnt, and must not be consumed or sacrificed. Whoever eats it deliberately is punished, and those who eat it unwittingly – have to atone for their transgression with a sacrifice.


Tomer Sapir creates a space that holds leftovers and residues of a ritual that may have taken place, an environment that is in part a sacred place centered around an altar, and in part a torture contraption. The installation is comprised of several elements: a stratified sheet of skin-like layers that undergoes a process of stretching/crucifixion, a carcass laid at the center of a stone circle, ritualistic artifacts, bones of animals, and a permanent twilight emanating through the windows covered with stained glass of sorts.

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