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Overturned Cryptid



Cement, salt, wax, fibers of Ceiba insignis fruits, latex


43 x 77 x 59 cm


Grandfather Paradox, ON-OFF Artprojects, Hamburg

Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

Curator: Avi Lubin


Photos: Elad Sarig


Review at Haaretz, Culture & Literature supplement, Uzi Tsur (Hebrew), 23.7.2010



From the curator's text:


Sapir's work Overturned Cryptid (2008) exhibits a sculpture of a Cryptid - a living creature whose existence has never been proven. This creature is inverted. Its shell is taken from a pre-historic era, and in the center of its soft belly there is a human rectum. This unnatural inverted positioning creates a tension between a catastrophe that might have occurred and a catastrophe that may occur soon, as the vulnerable side of the creature is revealed. This work bares tensions between interior and exterior as well as between the historical past (expressed in the fossil) and the present (expressed in the fleshy interior and the sizzling moldiness).


Avi Lubin




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